Author: James O'Brien

Penguins reveal Crosby received ‘injection’ for injury, could play Wednesday


The 2015 NHL All-Star Game will be without the league’s biggest star in Sidney Crosby thanks to a lower-body injury. The Pittsburgh Penguins elaborated on that issue quite a bit more than teams normally do on Friday.

The team announced that Crosby, 27, suffered his injury during a Jan. 10 game against the Montreal Canadiens. He received “an injection” at some point to try to play through the pain, which has persisted since then.

The Penguins revealed that he’s expected to resume skating on Tuesday with the goal of either playing against the Washington Capitals on Wednesday or the New Jersey Devils on Friday.

This might seem mundane for those who don’t follow injury updates with regularity, but for those who do, it’s eyebrow-raising stuff.

Josh Yohe of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has a simple theory: the team has been feeling the heat regarding another injury-related All-Star absence for Crosby:

Crosby played pretty well in the games immediately following Jan. 10.

He collected three assists versus Minnesota on Jan. 13, two goals and an assist against the New York Islaners on Jan. 16 and one more tally against the New York Rangers on Jan. 18. He didn’t collect a point in Pittsburgh’s last two contests, although he did generate seven shots on goal.

Whatever way you slice it, Crosby (and Evgeni Malkin) receive a hearty break close to the midway point of the 2014-15 season. Considering how banged up they seemingly were during the 2014 playoffs, this could come in very handy.

Even if it means dealing with some griping.

Jagr, Lupul headline ‘trade bait list’

New Jersey Devils v New York Islanders

With the hockey world’s eyes on the 2015 All-Star weekend, some find their minds pivoting to the next all-encompassing date on the hockey calendar: March 2, aka the trade deadline.

TSN’s Darren Dreger fans those flames, trotting out an intriguing “trade bait list.”


 (Via Dreger)

There are certainly some interesting names on that list.

Some would seem to be there because they may simply end up being too expensive to re-sign, possibly included Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Paul Martin. Others include players who are on fading teams, such as Jaromir Jagr of the New Jersey Devils. There are also examples of combinations of both, maybe most fittingly Cody Franson of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Jagr is no stranger to trade deadline tumult, as he joined the Boston Bruins during their run to the 2013 Stanley Cup Final after the Dallas Stars recognized that they were a few strides behind the Western Conference playoff pack.

Dreger runs down the Canadian NHL teams’ likely trade deadline perspectives here, indicating that contenders will take a look but maybe not being super-aggressive. On the other hand, the Leafs and Edmonton Oilers are expected to pursue deals to work toward the future.

The Canadian dollar could hang over the heads of GMs of those teams, not to mention cap-conscious franchises in general. Read more about those concerns here.

Video: NHL stars dazzle while wearing GoPro cameras


Breaking: GoPro cameras apparently have a use beyond figuring out how your pets behave when you’re gone for the day.

As you can see from this video, high-level NHL players don’t need to be pushed too hard before they show off their skills. It’s basically three-plus minutes of delirious footage:

What’s your favorite bit? P.K. Subban clearly has a ball, as did Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews. Henrik Lundqvist tracking pucks was a big highlight, too:


Imagine enjoying these sorts of angles during a playoff game? We can dream.