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Report: Knee injury might end Tyler Seguin’s World Cup appearance

Tyler Seguin might be out of the 2016 World Cup of Hockey because of a knee injury, according to Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos.

Earlier in the night, Kypreos indicated that he would be out week-to-week, but he updated it to more of a 7-10 day window. That’s good news for the Dallas Stars, but not so much for Canada.

If this report is accurate, then Canada will have some time to figure out a replacement. During that same Sportsnet intermission report, Elliotte Friedman notes that they have 24 hours until the tournament begins to bring someone else in.

It’s possible that this was the moment of the reported injury:

Nothing official has surfaced from Canada or the Dallas Stars, but you can bet that Seguin’s NHL team will demand a safer approach to their star, particularly after his injury-ravaged end to 2015-16.

Canucks announce three PTOs, including Tuomo Ruutu


The Vancouver Canucks confirmed today’s earlier news about handing James Sheppard a PTO, but there are two other names on the invite list: Tuomo Ruutu and Kevin Carr.

It’s interesting that the Canucks are taking fliers on two players who struggled a bit to live up to first-round hype.

As PHT discussed earlier, Sheppard found it difficult to live up to being the ninth pick of the 2006 NHL Draft. Interestingly enough, Ruutu was also the ninth selection five years earlier in 2001.

Ruutu’s numbers have really dropped in his last few seasons with the New Jersey Devils, managing just an assist in 33 games in 2015-16.

Sheppard may actually have a little more potential to make an impact since he’s still just 28 (Ruutu’s dealt with a lot of wear and tear thanks to his physical style and is 33 years old).

Carr, 26, is a goalie who spent last season in the ECHL and hasn’t played in the NHL so far in his netminding career.

Report: Blue Jackets give Mike Brown and his sweet mustache a PTO


It doesn’t really hurt a team to give a player a look without handing out a full-blown contract, so the Columbus Blue Jackets aren’t leaving many stones un-turned.

They’ve already handed tryouts to veterans such as Jarret Stoll and Marc-Andre Bergeron, and now tough guy Mike Brown is getting a PTO as well, according to Sportnet’s Chris Johnston. (The Globe & Mail’s James Mirtle also reports as much.)

Blue Jackets head coach John Tortorella likely approves of the 31-year-old’s rough, gritty style.

He’s only seen sparse reps at the NHL level lately, so his best selling point might be as a depth option when the Blue Jackets anticipate an especially physical encounter.

Most importantly, he usually sports a really sweet ‘stache:

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 17: Mike Brown #18 of the San Jose Sharks checsk Thomas Hickey #14 of the New York Islanders during the first period at the Barclays Center on October 17, 2015 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
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So there will be NHL versions of those weird Funko pop dolls

via Funko

From the Department of Things We Only Vaguely Understand: Funko will release a series of NHL player dolls under their Funko Pop line, appropriately titled “NHL Pops!”

Rolling Stone does a solid job describing the “stylistic guidelines” for such toys, besting PHT’s offering of “creepy.”

Whether it’s Huckleberry Hound, the Incredible Hulk or The Big Bang Theory’s Howard Wolowitz, the average Pop figure adheres to the same template: It stands 3.75 inches tall in a neutral pose. It has a square-shaped head with rounded edges — one large enough to account for half the piece’s height. It should have pupil-free, button-like black eyes, a small nose and no mouth. Most importantly, it should be adorable.

A wide range of NHL players are available, from obvious choices (Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Patrick Kane) to a few surprises (Morgan Rielly, quite a few guys with unexpected facial hair).

Let’s examine a few favorites.

First, perhaps the least handsome we may ever see Henrik Lundqvist:


Next, Jonathan Toews with a glaring lack of sideburns:


Finally, Ovechkin and Crosby, forever linked:


The adorable and/or creepy figures are coming out in November. Gotta catch them all.

Poker face: Vegas NHL expansion team has a name, but it’s a secret


In a move that’s just begging for gambling references, Las Vegas expansion team owner Bill Foley is really keeping a card up his sleeve.

(See, it’s tough to avoid doing that.)

It turns out that Foley knows what he’ll call the squad, but he’s keeping it a secret, as he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“The name is definitely set,” Foley said Monday. “But I can’t tell you exactly what it is. That’s a secret.”

Foley indicates that announcement will be made sometime in mid-October.

Plenty of speculation

The Vegas team’s owner admits that he’s been very happy that all of the speculation regarding the team name is keeping his franchise in the news.

First, it seemed like the team would involve “Hawks” in some way. Lately, reports indicate that the team name will include “Knights” instead. The latter Knights seems like it will be in play, barring a swerve by Foley.

Many of us always imagined a Vegas expansion team with some fun gambling reference, but it’s easy to see why Foley and the NHL would resist such a temptation. Here’s hoping they choose the right Knights.

For what it’s worth: