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PHT Morning Skate: Ugly Christmas sweaters and Ovechkin’s heart of gold


PHT’s Morning Skate takes a look around the world of hockey to see what’s happening and what we’ll be talking about around the NHL world and beyond.

Plenty of NHL players do great work for charities and other organizations, but Alex Ovechkin has really made waves in particular with some heartwarming stuff lately. His latest act of kindness falls in line with some great actions from the Washington Capitals star. (

So, uh, this is odd.

Speaking of odd, will Christmas sweaters/holiday celebrations essentially furnish us with Halloween-level goofy photos of hockey players? This photo of Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn and Jason Demers makes a strong argument in that regard:

So much to take in.

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The evolution of Zdeno Chara’s scariness. (The Hockey News)

The Colorado Avalanche understand why Paul Stastny left. (The Denver Post)

Mouth injury left Backes feeling like his ‘face was going to fall off’

St Louis Blues v Colorado Avalanche

It’s been a rough start to the 2014-15 season for St. Louis Blues captain David Backes, with Monday’s moment being the roughest, as he took an errant slap shot to the face:

Screening a goalie is a great way to suffer facial injuries that will leave others squeamish; this old post on Keith Tkachuk’s hideous issues is a great throwback to that.

Backes described his considerable agony to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“I felt like my face was going to fall off, so we got out of there and got some painkillers on board to try to alleviate that,” Backes said. “It was a tough night to deal with the pain and have ice on there for most of the night, just trying to get some remnants of a night’s sleep. … It was some of the worst misery I’ve been in.”

Here’s the part that might leaving you holding your mouth (or making a “Six Million Dollar Man” reference?):

“There’s a few (teeth) that were halfway gone,” Backes said. “They didn’t save them, but they rebuilt them and they look like normal teeth … They did a great job. It’s a temporary fix but it lets me eat well.”

Goalie nods: Hiller tries to regain Flames gig from Ramo

Calgary Flames v Toronto Maple Leafs

All the latest from the blue paint …

Battling for the Flames job

The Calgary Flames have been much better than expected, which makes the battle for the starting job far more lucrative than anticipated.

Jonas Hiller has had the upper hand for stretches, but it seemed like Karri Ramo wrestled it back as December rolled around. Now Hiller has another chance to assert himself as the No. 1 guy, as this marks his second straight start, and it’s an interesting one against the Chicago Blackhawks.

On one hand, Chicago remains one of the best teams in the league, so it could be a busy night for the Swiss-born goalie. On the other, the Blackhawks are coming off a loss to the New York Islanders on Saturday, so the Flames may face a fatigued team.

Hiller’s currently on a four-game losing streak. He’s 9-8-1 with a .912 save percentage and a 2.50 GAA.

Those aren’t lousy numbers, yet they aren’t outstanding either. His best chance to make an impression is to shut down the Blackhawks, then.

It’s unclear who he’ll face at the moment, though one might lean a bit toward Antti Raanta since Scott Darling played last night.

Elsewhere …

Kings at Maple Leafs: It should be Jonathan Quick vs. James Reimer.

Rangers at Oilers: Expect Cam Talbot vs. Ben Scrivens.

Yay or nay: the Las Vegas Black Knights?

Las Vegas

In an interview with HNIC’s Elliotte Friedman, William Foley – the potential owner of an NHL team in Las Vegas – stated his preference for naming the team the “Black Knights.”

While it evokes card games and casinos, Foley explained that the title would be a military tribute of sorts, as Friedman shares. For those who don’t like the idea, the good news is that there would also be a contest for the name:

Perhaps just as interesting: Wayne Gretzky may or may not be involved in the process. Foley described “The Great One” as an unofficial adviser of sorts, while Sportsnet’s John Shannon confirms that Gretzky introduced Foley to business partners.

It’s all interesting stuff, so check it out here.

Penguins doctor: Crosby’s mumps ‘came about as a bit of a surprise’


However you speculate about how the Pittsburgh Penguins handled Sidney Crosby’s case of mumps, they’re at least being fairly transparent about the situation (right now).

The team shared a detailed feature on the situation, including some insight from the team’s head physician Dr. Dharmesh Vyas.

“It came about as a bit of a surprise to us,” Dr. Vyas said Sunday afternoon. “Every indication was that he was well protected against the disease.”

Here’s the team’s timeline for Crosby’s mumps, verbatim:

Illness Timeline

Pre-Winter Olympics, 2014

Crosby is given immunization and a booster shot to protect against diseases, including the mumps, prior to leaving for Sochi, Russia.

Nov. 24-28

Entire Penguins team was immunized and tested for mumps as an outbreak continues to grow in the NHL.

Nov. 28 vs. Carolina

Crosby suffered an injury to the right side of his neck – the salivary gland. He was tested with a CT scan and for mumps. All blood tests came back negative. Was given medication to bring swelling down.

Dec. 10-11

When medication for the salivary gland was stopped, Crosby developed swelling next to the injured area. Another series of tests, including mumps, were conducted. The tests showed no indication of an infection.

Crosby showed no symptoms of mumps such as fever, chills or generalized body aches.

Dec. 12 vs. Calgary

Crosby’s swelling and condition worsened. Crosby’s DNA was sent to the CDC for a sophisticated test. He was held out of the game until the CDC test results come back.

Dec. 13 at Columbus

Crosby’s CDC test results came back positive for mumps.

Friday, Dec. 12 is maybe the most interesting day in that timeline, as that’s when the 27-year-old was cleared to practice with teammates. It’s also when this jarring image surfaced:


Yeah, it certainly seems like his swelling had “worsened” by then.

Crosby is now being quarantined by CDC guidelines, yet there’s the concern that mumps already spread through the Penguins team and maybe beyond.

Don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this, as the league seemingly cannot shake the mumps.