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Another great McDavid goal; another Oilers win


Connor McDavid isn’t struggling with the speed of the NHL game.

Instead, he’s making defenders look like they’re skating with cement feet, and the highlight reel goals just keep coming.

McDavid added to his growing run of clips during Wednesday’s contest against the Detroit Red Wings, as you can see in that video above.

That made it 2-0, and the Edmonton Oilers recently bumped up their lead to 3-0, which is bad news for a Red Wings club this already doing some soul-searching.

Hey, at least they don’t need to deal with McDavid all that often, though.

Update: The Oilers ended up winning 3-1, giving them three wins in a row (and three straight losses for Detroit). That tally also became a milestone for McDavid:

Giroux, Mason power Flyers’ comeback vs. Bruins


It’s kind of tough to know what to expect from the Bruins and Flyers at this point in the season. In some ways, you can say the same about tonight’s game.

At first, it looked like injuries and some strong Bruins special teams work would make the difference. Steve Mason stood as a possible goat at that time.

Claude Giroux also seemed to be on the verge of “what’s wrong with Giroux?” headlines … and then both narratives dissolved in dramatic ways.

The pivotal moment came when Mason made an absolutely outstanding save on a near-goal that required review.

Check it out:

Instead of going down 5-2, the Flyers remained two goals behind. Wayne Simmonds and Claude Giroux scored two tallies that probably really burned the Bruins – one a Boston blunder, the other a tally Tuukka Rask might want back – and the contest went to overtime.

From there, Giroux absolutely rocketed a shot home for the 5-4 overtime victory.

A lot can change between today and October, especially when you consider how injuries have already started to pile up for both teams.

If both squads continue down their current paths, this rivalry could very well culminate in a playoff bubble battle.

For now, it’s another example of the Flyers’ surprisingly scrappy work and the Bruins’ need to do a little more work of their own.

Video: Mason’s soft goal and great save


Michal Neuvirth‘s been off to a strong start for the Philadelphia Flyers, which was good news as Steve Mason began on a bit of a down note.

Now that Neuvirth’s possibly hurt, the Flyers need Mason to get back on track.

The above goal doesn’t inspire the most confidence. Jimmy Hayes took a shot from a very unlikely scoring angle, and it beat Mason for a 4-2 score, continuing a tough stretch for the Flyers.

For more on Neuvirth’s possible injury, click here.


Later on in the game, Mason redeemed himself with a fantastic save – or seemingly a save – that did require review:


That could be a turning point moment, too, as the Flyers have tied the game up 4-4 as of this writing.

Update: Neuvirth, Couturier out for night (upper-body injuries)


Update: Both Sean Couturier and Michal Neuvirth won’t return to Wednesday’s game thanks to upper-body injuries.


It’s been a busy few minutes so far in the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers clash, and now it seems as though Michal Neuvirth may be hurt.

That’s the impression many get, as Steve Mason replaced Neuvirth to begin the second period.

Allowing two goals in the opening frame can explain it, yet Neuvirth doesn’t appear to be on the Flyers’ bench.

Onlookers wonder if the injury may have occurred during the second goal, scored by Patrice Bergeron. Neuvirth went down for a while right away, and it’s possible that Bergeron caught him in the head while deflecting the puck in.

Granted, it would be a bit of a delayed reaction:


Take a look for yourself in the video above. We’ll see if any official explanations surface later on.

Video: Zac Rinaldo ejected for being Zac Rinaldo


Watch the video above and wonder: “How many games will Zac Rinaldo get for this one?”

The hit on Sean Couturier closed out the first period of the Boston Bruins – Philadelphia Flyers game tonight, and it’s a little too early to figure out the exact damage.

We already know that Rinaldo has a game misconduct.

NBCSN’s Keith Jones believes that the check is not worthy of a suspension. Instead, he believes that the on-ice penalties (five-minute charging major, game misconduct) were enough.

Others seem to see a suspension coming, and wonder if he’s another repeat offender like, say, Raffi Torres.

What do you think, then?

Note: So far, not so good for Couturier: