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Update: Neuvirth, Couturier out for night (upper-body injuries)


Update: Both Sean Couturier and Michal Neuvirth won’t return to Wednesday’s game thanks to upper-body injuries.


It’s been a busy few minutes so far in the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers clash, and now it seems as though Michal Neuvirth may be hurt.

That’s the impression many get, as Steve Mason replaced Neuvirth to begin the second period.

Allowing two goals in the opening frame can explain it, yet Neuvirth doesn’t appear to be on the Flyers’ bench.

Onlookers wonder if the injury may have occurred during the second goal, scored by Patrice Bergeron. Neuvirth went down for a while right away, and it’s possible that Bergeron caught him in the head while deflecting the puck in.

Granted, it would be a bit of a delayed reaction:


Take a look for yourself in the video above. We’ll see if any official explanations surface later on.

Video: Zac Rinaldo ejected for being Zac Rinaldo


Watch the video above and wonder: “How many games will Zac Rinaldo get for this one?”

The hit on Sean Couturier closed out the first period of the Boston Bruins – Philadelphia Flyers game tonight, and it’s a little too early to figure out the exact damage.

We already know that Rinaldo has a game misconduct.

NBCSN’s Keith Jones believes that the check is not worthy of a suspension. Instead, he believes that the on-ice penalties (five-minute charging major, game misconduct) were enough.

Others seem to see a suspension coming, and wonder if he’s another repeat offender like, say, Raffi Torres.

What do you think, then?

Note: So far, not so good for Couturier:

Patrice Bergeron with the dad trick


Hockey seasons are long, so we’re always looking for new ways to describe accomplishments.

When a player generates a goal and an assist while getting in a fight, people call it a “Gordie Howe hat trick.”

So, how would you describe Patrice Bergeron‘s Wednesday. He was with his wife as his son Zack was born, and through one period alone, he has a (very nice) goal and an assist.

How about “dad trick,” then? Yay or nay?

You can see the impressive hand-eye coordination in his goal in the video above this post, while his assist came on the tally below.

Super-crucial note: this may not be the first sighting of a dad trick in the wild. David Legwand made it happen, too … and probably others.

Still, dad trick. Thoughts?

Torts’ retorts: The best of John Tortorella


Is John Tortorella still a relevant coach? Does he really make the Columbus Blue Jackets better?

He certainly seems like a better fit in Columbus than Vancouver, but who’s to say that means the Blue Jackets will be glad that they made this move?

Well, there’s a significant group of bystanders who are happy Torts is back: many in the media … and many who like to rubberneck at his hilarious dealings with the media and opponents.

The video above collects some of his greatest outbursts.

Here’s hoping he adds plenty more with the Blue Jackets.

Todd Richards on firing, helping to ‘resurrect’ Blue Jackets

Todd Richards
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Todd Richards doesn’t seem shocked that he was fired by the Columbus Blue Jackets, at least based on what he relayed to the Columbus Dispatch’s Shawn Mitchell.

To his credit, those same comments lacked the bitterness you might expect after someone gets the pink slip.

(Sadly, no Taylor Swift lyrics, though. Richards couldn’t throw the Internet a bone and explain that Band-aids are no good for bullet holes? C’mon.)

When Richards looks back at the seven-game start, it’s clear he realizes that the team fell short of expectations. He seems pretty proud of his overall body of work, however.

“Your job as a coach is to maximize potential, and with the way we were playing, obviously that wasn’t happening,” Richards said.

If there were two things that people critiqued the most about Columbus during its early collapse, it would be the Blue Jackets’ defense and goaltending, particularly that of expensive netminder Sergei Bobrovsky.

Management may be looking to find an answer on the blueline, yet Richards seems to imply that the group is still strong.

Ultimately, gauging Richards’ tenure may come down to perspective, yet it’s tough to ignore the fact that he’s only made it to the playoffs once in his years with Minnesota and Columbus.

Then again, he’s not burning bridges, and a guy who stands as a “favorite neighbor” might just get another shot.