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TJ Brodie

Yes, Brodie is back for the Flames

The Calgary Flames are getting T.J. Brodie back on Wednesday.

Really, it’s a nice night for the Ottawa Senators as well; Milan Michalek and Marc Methot are able to play for their side.

For all the hype Dougie Hamilton brought into Calgary, things … haven’t exactly been going well. Perhaps getting Brodie back might help Dougie out as well?

It might take some time, but for a Flames team struggling to match last season’s breakthrough, this is a huge boost.

WATCH LIVE: Penguins at Capitals for Wednesday Night Rivalry

Alex Ovechkin, Marc-Andre Fleury

Gallons of ink – literal and digital – has been spilled over Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. You can read another interesting comparison between the two right here.

The beauty of the Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins games is that there is plenty of star power beyond the headliners.

Most obviously, Evgeni Malkin and Nicklas Backstrom are legitimate stars themselves. Beyond that, we have guys like Phil Kessel and T.J. Oshie, not to mention Kris Letang and “Mr. Game 7” Justin Williams.

In other words, tonight should be fun even if both Crosby and Ovechkin find themselves struggling. It’s all a part of Wednesday Night Rivalry on NBCSN, which you can stream online via the link below.


Orpik says Crosby, Ovechkin are ‘opposites’

Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin

For a decade now, Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby have been subject to sometimes breathless comparisons.

That’s what happens when you’re the two biggest scoring sensations in your sport, but there have been times in which people have jumped to some strange conclusions about each star.

Brooks Orpik is one of the only people who could probably provide a credible account of what the two forwards are like, especially off the ice.

Those hoping to drum up differences between the two might be heartened to hear his thoughts about just how much they contrast, as CSNWashington.com’s Chuck Gormley reports.

“They couldn’t be any more different,” Orpik said. “They are two of the bigger names in the game, but in terms of the way they carry themselves off the ice they couldn’t be more opposites.”

Orpik said that Crosby displays a serious demeanor “90 percent of the time” and is something of a student of the game. Meanwhile, Ovechkin isn’t necessarily all-hockey, all-the-time in the same way.

(Cue certain people making the same conclusions as always, then?)

Anyway, for all the eye-rolling this induces for some, it’s interesting to get some more insight from the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Perhaps it might get you a little more revved up for Wednesday Night Rivalry on NBCSN?

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Canucks halt Habs’ historic streak at 9

Carey Price

Well, it had to end some time.

The Montreal Canadiens already made some history – or at least joined some very short lists of teams in history – by winning their first nine games in regulation.

They were eyeing some more on Tuesday, yet the Vancouver Canucks ended that run at nine (and emphatically so) by winning 5-1.

On the bright side (or negative side if you love drama), the game was lopsided enough that people are unlikely to grasp at straws that this moment or that supposed blown call kept Montreal from keeping its great run going.

Instead, most Montreal fans and observers would prefer to put this behind them.

Vancouver came into this one hoping to avoid being on the wrong side of history, and the Canucks succeeded.

If you want to single out a performance, maybe look to Jared McCann (pictured), who scored two of the three first-period goals for Vancouver.

On a night that largely consisted of good news for Vancouver, they did see a tough injury for Brandon Prust.

Either way, the streak is over.

The question remains: will Montreal make more meaningful history in, say, June?

Boudreau admits latest Ducks loss is ‘demoralizing’

Bruce Boudreau

The latest Anaheim Ducks’ defeat – one in which they lost despite going up three goals in the first period – has elicited three types of responses from hockey fans.

1. Some say “Aw, poor Bruce Boudreau.”

2. Others laugh at his misfortune.

3. Many opt for both.

That 4-3 loss to the Dallas Stars, particularly losing even a standings point thanks to Antoine Roussel‘s late goal, could probably be summed up by this.

How does Boudreau feel, though? Is he furious? Maybe he’s making excuses?

No, it seems like he’s a combination of defeated and bewildered.

“It’s a 3-0 lead. You should not lost a game like that,” Boudreau said, according to the Ducks. “We won’t sugarcoat it – it’s demoralizing.”

Despite closing off a back-to-back game tonight (and a third period in which the Stars generated a 17-2 shot advantage), Boudreau insisted that it wasn’t a matter of running out of gas.

This post briefly discusses why Boudreau might deserve more time despite many calling for his head, yet quotes like these do indeed make you wonder if he’s losing his wits.

After a night like this, Boudreau’s seat is likely quite a bit hotter, so we’ll need to wait and see what happens.

For more on the loss, click here.