Video: The first trailer for NHL 14


EA Sports’ NHL video game series serves hockey fans as many sports titles do: they allow you to feel like a player, coach or GM (with significantly lower chances of getting fired or suffering a concussion).

With new consoles seemingly on their way, some might consider NHL 14 to be the last hockey title of “this generation.” The software giant provided some early details this week, including this trailer:

(Warning: enjoyment may vary depending upon your music taste.)

As you may notice, the game is slated to come out on Sept. 10, 2013.

EA Sports’ first look provides some interesting details, including the fact that the game’s fighting engine will be based on the popular “Fight Night” boxing series. To many, brawling in hockey games just hasn’t been the same since the days of “Blades of Steel,” so this could be a welcome change for fake pugilists.

Now, if they’d just add some icon passing, some of us would finally be content …

(Screen shot via EA.)

Kings, NHLPA announce settlement in Richards grievance

Los Angeles Kings v New York Rangers

The Los Angeles Kings announced today that they have “reached an agreement with Mike Richards to resolve the grievance filed in relation to the termination of his NHL Standard Players Contract. The terms are agreeable to all parties.”

The club said that it will not be commenting further “on the terms” of the settlement.

The NHLPA released a similar statement.

It was reported earlier in the week that a settlement was close to being reached; however, it wasn’t clear what salary-cap penalties the Kings would incur.

We’re starting to find out some details now:

How the final numbers differ from what the Kings would have incurred if they’d bought Richards out will be interesting to see. And if there are differences, how will they be justified?

Stay tuned.

Report: Ex-NHLer Aaron Ward arrested for ‘assault on a female’ (Updated)

Brad May, Kevin Hodson, Jiri Fischer, Aaron Ward

Aaron Ward, a 16-year NHL veteran that appeared in over 800 career games, has been arrested for “assault on a female,” per WNCN.

Ward was arrested on Friday in Cary, North Carolina and also charged with interfering with emergency communication, according to the report.

Currently working as an analyst for TSN, Ward spent five years of his career in Carolina, helping the ‘Canes capture the Stanley Cup in 2006.

Update: Per WRAL, Ward’s wife called 9-1-1 after the two had a confrontation around 1 p.m. ET. Police confirmed Ward was arrested at his home in Cary.

According to the warrant for his arrest, he took away his wife’s phone.

Because of the nature of his charges, Ward will spend a mandatory 48 hours in the Wake County jail. Anyone arrested on a domestic violence charge is held for 48 hours before bail is set.

And here’s a statement from TSN: