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Sutter says Flames have reached their yearly stinker quota

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After a 6-1 whipping at the hands of Edmonton on Tuesday, Brent Sutter put his foot down on “stinkers.”

That’s the Calgary coach’s term, not ours — but clearly in reference to his team’s penchant for completely disappearing in certain games. When the Flames have lost big this year, they’ve lost BIG: 9-0 to Boston, 5-1 to Vancouver (twice!) and the most recent skunking against the Oilers, which happened at home, no less.

Calgary has 22 games left to work its way into the playoffs. As such, Sutter says stinkers can’t happen anymore.

“I just want their attitudes to be right. This game is all mental,” he told the Calgary Sun. “Mentally, we weren’t there last night. We weren’t engaged like we needed to be as a whole group. Right from the opening faceoff, our sharpness wasn’t where it needed to be.

“They exploited it very well, the Oilers. We never got our game on track at any point in time.”

Sutter talks about attitude often, and with good reason. The Flames are somewhat bereft of talent (Tom Kostopoulos and Blake Comeau are the second-line wingers) and go into every contest knowing if they don’t outwork the other team, their chances for success diminish. If they only match the other team’s work rate, those chances diminish further.

And if they get outworked?


“Let’s make sure our attitudes are still the right attitudes,” Sutter said after putting his team through battle drills at Wednesday’s practice. “Let’s make sure that we get focused the way we need to be focused. And let’s get back to where we need to be as a team, and how we have to play to have success.”

Of course, Calgary’s stinkers do come with silver linings. The last time the Flames were badly blown out — the aforementioned nine-goal loss to the Bruins — they responded with a 10-3-4 run that got them back into the playoff fight.

Hey look: Flyers reel off three straight wins for first time in 2015-16

Sean Couturier
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When you’re talking about bright sides, most people believe that they boil down to the light at the end of the tunnel for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a little success in the present while waiting for that bright future, though.

The Flyers are providing at least a burst of sunshine lately, as Tuesday’s 4-2 win against the Ottawa Senators gives them … (drum roll) their first three-game winning streak of this season.

Even in recent darker moments, Philly’s been pretty impressive on offense, so Flyers fans are likely relieved to see a relative offensive outburst.

Sure, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns – Radko Gudas might have gotten himself into some trouble, for instance – yet this is still a nice sign of life for a team expected to finish in the draft lottery.

If that fails … hey, the future may require shades.

This own-goal captures the start of Dougie Hamilton’s Flames career

Dougie Hamilton
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Here’s an understatement: things haven’t gone very well for Dougie Hamilton early in his first season with the Calgary Flames.

(It must feel like the opposite of Tyler Seguin in Dallas for Boston Bruins fans, but feel free to disagree in the comments.)

You could look at Hamilton’s meager offensive stats and break down his disappointing work through a very of “fancy” and traditional metrics …

… Or you could just fire up a projector and show this own-goal on a loop.

Senators lose Michalek, Zibanejad to injuries vs. Flyers

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It remains to be seen if the Ottawa Senators can avoid losing against the Philadelphia Flyers tonight, but either way, it’s been a costly night.

The Senators saw two forwards leave the game with injuries, as Milan Michalek and Mika Zibanejad were banged up on Tuesday.

Michalek may have gotten hurt blocking a shot while a Radko Gudas hit on Zibanejad left the Senators forward with an upper-body injury.

Gudas may get a call from the league for his infractions.

Patrick Kane gets so much time, extends streak to 20 games


In hockey terms, Patrick Kane was like a star basketball player left alone for an almost strange amount of time to score. Sometimes you miss that opportunity out of the sheer shock of getting that much time and space.

Devan Dubnyk wasn’t so lucky, however, as Kane beat him to score a 1-1 goal.

You can watch the whole sequence in the video above, including an absolutely fantastic play by Duncan Keith.

With that tally, Kane’s scoring streak is now at 20 games, leaving him one game behind Bobby Hull’s Chicago Blackhawks record.

PHT discusses Kane’s streak and his place among the all-time great runs in the clip below.