McCain bobblehead

Sen. John McCain slams Goldwater Institute


Sen. John McCain spoke with the media yesterday in Glendale and had some harsh words for the Goldwater Institute, the taxpayer watchdog group that scuttled Matthew Hulsizer’s purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes.

“Not to get into details, but when an organization like the Goldwater Institute, elected by nobody, representing nobody except maybe some very wealthy donors, makes a decision like they did and it’s harmful to the economy of state of Arizona, then I do weigh in,” he said.

“I’ve never seen such arrogance and frankly, Barry Goldwater would want them to change their name because Barry Goldwater believed in the responsibility with the elected representatives of the people, not an unelected group of fat cats like who’s at the Goldwater Institute.”

Never fails to amuse when politicians use the phrase “fat cats.” I always picture a bunch of cats wearing three-piece suits, smoking cigars and sipping brandy in leather chairs.

Anyway, McCain dropped the ceremonial puck before the Phoenix-Montreal game at Arena, where fans received a McCain bobblehead doll as part of “Military Heroes Night.”

In addition to ripping the Goldwater Institute, McCain also admitted time was running out on the league-owned Coyotes in Glendale.

“I don’t know (how long the sale process can continue), but the National Hockey League is not going to keep this franchise going forever,” he said. “That’s not their job. Their job is to oversee the NHL, not spend money on it. So I do have a certain sense of urgency.”

If there’s no new owner in place by the end of the season, it’s hard to picture a team in Arizona for 2012-13.

Lucic: If I wanted to hurt Couture, ‘I would have hurt him’


Last night in Los Angeles, Kings forward Milan Lucic received a match penalty after skating the entire width of the ice to give San Jose’s Logan Couture a two-hand shove to the face.

Lucic didn’t hurt Couture, who had caught Lucic with an open-ice hit that Lucic didn’t like. Couture’s smiling, mocking face was good evidence that the Sharks’ forward was going to be OK.

This morning, Lucic was still in disbelief that he was penalized so harshly.

“I didn’t cross any line,” Lucic said, per Rich Hammond of the O.C. Register. “Believe me, if my intentions were to hurt him, I would have hurt him.”

While Lucic knew he deserved a penalty, he said after the game that he didn’t “know why it was called a match penalty.” His coach, Darryl Sutter, agreed, calling it “a borderline even roughing penalty.”

And though former NHL referee Kerry Fraser believes a match penalty was indeed warranted, Lucic said this morning that he hasn’t heard from the NHL about any possible supplemental discipline.

Nor for that matter has Dustin Brown, after his high hit on Couture in the first period.

In conclusion, it’s good to have hockey back.

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Torres apologizes to Silfverberg and Sharks


A statement from Raffi Torres:

“I accept the 41-game suspension handed down to me by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety. I worked extremely hard over the last two years following reconstructive knee surgery to resume my NHL career, and this is the last thing I wanted to happen. I am disappointed I have put myself in a position to be suspended again. I sincerely apologize to Jakob for the hit that led to this suspension, and I’m extremely thankful that he wasn’t seriously injured as a result of the play. I also want to apologize to my Sharks teammates and the organization.”

A statement from San Jose GM Doug Wilson:

“The Sharks organization fully supports the NHL’s supplementary discipline decision regarding Raffi. While we do not believe there was any malicious intent, this type of hit is unacceptable and has no place in our game. There is a difference between playing hard and crossing the line and there is no doubt, in this instance, Raffi crossed that line. We’re very thankful that Jakob was not seriously injured as a result of this play.”

Silfverberg says he expects to play Saturday when the Ducks open their regular season Saturday in San Jose.