Comparing PHT editor and reader predictions to first round results

It’s not easy to make forecasts for many things in life. When it comes to predicting the weather, meteorologists receive all kinds of vitriol if they guess incorrectly. If you want an amusing example of this phenomenon, just watch Nicholas Cage in “The Weather Man.”

Predicting the outcomes of sporting events can be pretty random too, but we typically don’t have to worry about getting fried chicken thrown at us if we’re wrong. (At least in my experience.)

Either way, part of the fun of predicting the outcomes of games comes when we find out if our wild guesses picks are accurate. Let’s take a look at how the first round’s results compare to the PHT editors’ picks (Joe Yerdon, James O’Brien and Matt Reitz) as well as the top choices of PHT readers.

Eastern Conference quarterfinals

1. Washington Capitals vs. 8. New York Rangers

Actual result: Capitals win series 4-1.
PHT readers pick: Capitals win series 4-1. (33.5 percent)
Joe’s pick: Capitals win series 4-2.
James’ pick: Capitals win series 4-2.
Matt’s pick: Capitals win series 4-1.

2. Philadelphia Flyers vs. 7. Buffalo Sabres

Actual result: Flyers win series 4-3.
PHT readers pick: Sabres win series 4-2. (35.1 percent)
Joe’s pick: Flyers win series 4-3.
James’ pick: Flyers win series 4-3.
Matt’s pick:  Sabres win series 4-2.

3. Boston Bruins vs. 6. Montreal Canadiens

Actual result: Bruins win series 4-3.
PHT readers pick: Bruins win series 4-2. (35.65 percent)
Joe’s pick: Bruins win series 4-2.
James’ pick: Bruins win series 4-1.
Matt’s pick: Bruins win series 4-3.

4. Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 5. Tampa Bay Lightning

Actual result: Lightning win series 4-3.
PHT readers pick: Penguins win series 4-2. (41.69 percent)
Joe’s pick: Penguins win series 4-3.
James’ pick: Lightning win series 4-2.
Matt’s pick: Penguins win series 4-1.

Western Conference quarterfinals

1. Vancouver Canucks vs. 8. Chicago Blackhawks

Actual result: Canucks win series 4-3.
PHT readers pick: Blackhawks win series 4-3. (31.03 percent)
Joe’s pick: Canucks win series 4-1.
James’ pick: Canucks win series 4-1.
Matt’s pick: Canucks win series 4-2.

2. San Jose Sharks vs. 7. Los Angeles Kings

Actual result: Sharks win series 4-2.
PHT readers pick: Sharks win series 4-1. (44.01 percent)
Joe’s pick: Sharks win series 4-2.
James’ pick: Sharks win series 4-1.
Matt’s pick: Sharks win series 4-1.

3. Detroit Red Wings vs. 6. Phoenix Coyotes

Actual result: Red Wings win series 4-0.
PHT readers pick: Red Wings win series 4-1. (36.71 percent)
Joe’s pick: Red Wings win series 4-2.
James’ pick: Red Wings win series 4-2.
Matt’s pick: Red Wings win series 4-2.

4. Anaheim Ducks vs. 5. Nashville Predators

Actual result: Predators win series 4-2.
PHT readers pick: Predators win series 4-2. (39.51 percent)
Joe’s pick: Ducks win series 4-3.
James’ pick: Predators win series 4-2.
Matt’s pick: Predators win series 4-2.

Overall records:

PHT readers: 5-3 (with two exactly correct)
Joe: 6-2 (with three exactly correct)
James: 8-0 (with two exactly correct)
Matt: 6-2 (with three exactly correct)

Video: Crosby to Dan Patrick – Subban fight ‘wasn’t as bad as it looked’

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Listerine, the 2017 Stanley Cup Final, and a growing rivalry. Sidney Crosby and P.K. Subban battled it out at the highest level not so long ago, but some of that action looked worse than it actually was.

At least, that’s the message Crosby sent on “The Dan Patrick Show,” as you can enjoy in the clip above.

As a bonus, Crosby also discussed his favorite Stanley Cup traditions – hey, there can be traditions when something happens three times – and how Mario Lemieux inspires some especially creative ideas:

Rebuild on hold? Red Wings reportedly eye Girardi, Hainsey, Daley


For the first time in ages, the Detroit Red Wings missed the playoffs. To some, the sliver lining was that this might send a message to management to truly commit to a rebuild.

Perhaps GM Ken Holland & Co. aren’t quite ready for that.

Look, one or even a couple of potential free agent signings won’t disqualify the Red Wings from going younger. Still, the rumored defensemen they’re targeting aren’t exactly spring chickens.

Three names floating out there are Trevor Daley, Dan Girardi, and Ron Hainsey.

Daley was mentioned by The Athletic’s Craig Custance,’s Ansar Khan, and the Detroit Free-Press’ Helene St. James. Khan and Custance both mention Hainsey and Girardi, too.

Even in one-case mentions, the “veteran” theme continues, with Brian Campbell‘s name coming up while forward Thomas Vanek seems like at least a remote possibility to return to Detroit.

Let’s look at the ages of the defensemen mentioned, noting that Daley is older than some might have expected.

Daley – 33
Girardi – 33
Hainsey – 36
Campbell – 38

In the case of Daley and Girardi, you could also argue that each blueliner also has a lot of “mileage” for their age. Girardi, in particular, plays the sort of grinding, shot-blocking style that might have accelerated his troubles with the Rangers.

As great as experience might be, even for a “final push,” this sends a troubling signal. In Mike Green (31), Jonathan Ericsson (33), and Niklas Kronwall (36), the Red Wings already have an aging group of defensemen. Kronwall and Ericsson are dealing with injuries that may hinder them for the remainder of their careers, too.

When you also note that Holland exposed 25-year-old goalie Petr Mrazek instead of 33-year-old Jimmy Howard, the picture isn’t especially pretty.

Maybe the Red Wings can have their cake (push for a playoff rebound) and eat it too (start to transition to youth), yet it’s not necessarily the aggressive move toward a rebuild that many likely hoped to see.

At least there’s time for Holland to prove these early worries wrong.

Note: In other Red Wings news, the team signed Ben Street to a one-year extension.

Blue Jackets sign Schroeder after trading for him


Not long after acquiring him in a minor trade from the Minnesota Wild, the Columbus Blue Jackets signed Jordan Schroeder to a two-year contract.

The team confirms that it is a two-way deal for 2017-18 and then becomes one-way in 2018-19.

Schroeder is guaranteed $350K for the first year of that contract and then $650K in 2018-19, according to the Columbus Dispatch’s Aaron Portzline.

The 22nd pick of the 2009 NHL Draft receives a fitting contract: he’s been a “tweener,” bouncing around the NHL and AHL. He hasn’t been able to make much of an impact, Schroeder at least provides some organizational depth.

That could come in handy, as Portzline indicates that Sam Gagner – not so surprisingly – is expected to garner a lot more attention this time around in free agency. Perhaps Schroeder could serve as insurance for Gagner?

NCAA star Spencer Foo chooses the Flames


NCAA standout forward Spencer Foo decided to sign with the Calgary Flames, as The Sports Corporation and team confirmed. The signing might not be official until free agency kicks off on Saturday, July 1, but he apparently made his decision.

After managing 25 points in each of his first two seasons with Union College, Foo exploded in 2016-17, racking up 26 goals and 62 points. You can see some of his highlights in the video above.

He didn’t go drafted, so this could be a case of another scorer blossoming late.

Foo is an Edmonton native, so playing close to home in Calgary likely factored into his decision. He was connected to the Edmonton Oilers in earlier rumors while’s Ansar Khan indicates that his final choice came down to the Flames or the Detroit Red Wings.

Calgary is already classifying him as a RW. Perhaps he’ll be that long-desired fit for Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan? There’s another positive aspect for the Flames, as this might help to soften the blow of giving up a bundle of assets in the Travis Hamonic deal.

The Sports Corporation tweeted out a photo of Foo, 23, in a Flames jersey: