Alex Ovechkin doesn't plan on changing his ways


For better or worse, Alex Ovechkin isn’t planning on changing the way
he plays, even after his second suspension this season for an illegal
hit. This latest transgression wasn’t brutal, but it was reckless, and
Ovechkin has been criticized his entire career for his sometimes over
the top play.

He’s the best player in the NHL. Why change now,

Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post:

“No, I just, I know what guys can say: Maybe it was a good hit,
maybe it was a bad hit
.” Ovechkin said. “Everybody has his own
mind. And if you’re gonna listen to everybody, you’re gonna be just
crazy. You can kill yourself. And so I think it happens, and it’s pretty
sad [Brian Campbell] get hurt, but it’s life, it’s hockey.”

NBC Washington’s Dan Hellie than asked for the best piece of advice
he’s heard on this matter: “Don’t stop playing how you play,” Ovechkin

Like I’ve said before, I have taken no sides
in the supposed Team Ovi vs. Team Crosby debate. I am not an Ovechkin

But saying that he doesn’t need to change his playing style is
borderline delusional. I can certainly understand his reasoning; he
hasn’t become the most exciting hockey player in the world by playing
timid or soft. But he says that he doesn’t want to hurt any one, yet
that is what is happening more and more often. The NHL is going to start
coming down harder on illegal hits.

I’m not saying he needs to
play any less energetic or physical, he just needs to play smarter

That’s apparently not going to happen anytime soon. His
coach maintains the hit on Brian Campbell was just an unfortunate hockey
play that resulted in an injury; he’s certainly not encouraging his
star player to let up any.

Sidney Crosby looks hurt (and furious) after Alex Ovechkin slash

NBCSN screen
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Sidney Crosby is known to get fiery, but even for his feisty standards, he was furious during the third period of Game 4.

An Alex Ovechkin slash caught Crosby on the hand, leaving the Pittsburgh Penguins star shaking his mitt and pleading for a call.

After that, Crosby left to get his hand looked at … but not before flipping out and destroying his stick.

You can watch it happen in the GIF and the videos above.

Crosby was able to return not that long after that moment, although we can only speculate regarding how his overall game will be affected if his hand isn’t 100 percent.

Dirty or not? Evgeni Malkin’s hit on Daniel Winnik


Tensions seem to rise with every passing game in the playoffs, particularly in a series with bad blood like the one between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals.

Kris Letang was suspended for his hit in Game 3, and some wonder if Evgeni Malkin should suffer a similar fate for his check on Daniel Winnik on Wednesday.

Winnik left the contest and has not yet returned during the third period.

Take a look at the hit in the video above and decide for yourself.

Blues aim to raise money for victims of Fort McMurray fires

An evacuee puts gas in his car on his way out of Fort McMurray, Alberta, as a wildfire burns in the background Wednesday, May 4, 2016. The raging wildfire emptied Canada's main oil sands city, destroying entire neighborhoods of Fort McMurray, where officials warned Wednesday that all efforts to suppress the fire have failed.  (Jason Franson /The Canadian Press via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT
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Fires devastated the Canadian city of Fort McMurray, and the St. Louis Blues are doing their part to help those who were affected.

Here’s what the team is doing to raise money during Game 4 against the Dallas Stars:

Proceeds raised through the team’s 50/50 raffle and the Blues for Kids silent auction will benefit families who have been misplaced by the fires.

Blues forward Scottie Upshall shared his thoughts with the Associated Press regarding several family members being among those evacuated from the area.

“It’s been a great city, a city that’s survived for many years through some tough times and for me, growing up there doesn’t seem too long ago,” Upshall said. “Places that probably aren’t standing anymore will be really, really tough to take. But as long as everyone’s OK, that’s the main thing.”

Other people from around the hockey world weighed in on the scary scene, including Ottawa Senators defenseman Chris Phillips, who told the Ottawa Citizen that “it hurts a lot.”

People shared some scary sights from the evacuation.

Video: Beagle’s perfect shot dogs Murray for early Caps lead


Matt Murray was just on another level in Game 3, giving the impression that the Washington Capitals would only beat him with perfect shots.

Jay Beagle got that memo … and maybe added a little element of surprise on top of that.

As you can see from the video above, Beagle beat Murray from an unexpected angle with a pretty resounding goal. It was one of those “Wait, did that just happen?”-type moments.

The Capitals saw their lead go away moments before this post was completed, so it’s now 1-1.